Fourth of July: Continued

My group decided to explore our Idaho Statesman data with a focus on comparisons. We decided to focus on how the paper reported on major events around the fourth. Specifically, we decided to break up our timeline into three sections focused around war. First, James is going to look at the early dates regarding World […]

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Fourth of July: The Beginning

Whew, the work that goes into creating a database is immense. After working on this project, which only involved exploring two days across a span of five years, I am now in awe of the large databases we have pulled data from throughout the semester. I decided to focus on one main article from the […]

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Written with StackEdit. An Exploration of Dirt* *referring to the fabulous website called Dirt Directory, not, you know, actual dirt. Whoever came up with Dirt Directory deserves to be a freaking millionaire. Opening up this site, with its neat, themed lists, I gave a sigh of relief! At last, someone thought to put all of the tools that […]

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To Sum Up

My adventures into the land of coding did not get off to glorious start. As you can see on my previous post (I’m referencing my angry baby face), I was not overly please with the results of my attempts with python and coding. Python itself was difficult to download, there were several versions, and while […]

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My Attempts with Stack Edit

Written with StackEdit. The Struggles of Coding While I struggled with getting the Python and Komodo editors to work, I found Stack Editor a breeze to work with. It was definitely the simpler one to use, I’ll give you that, but it was also the most convenient to work with on my laptop. I would also like to […]

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An Immersion in the Digital

For the last several days, I have used more digital software and learned more about my computer than I have in the last year (at the very least, it’s probably longer). Through my successes, and especially my failures, I discovered tools that have the potential to change not only the history field, but the perception […]

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NGram and Civil Rights

As I was playing around with Google NGram, I started inputting terms from my Global Literature class. In that class we are focusing on African Literature, more specifically, Nigerian Literature, like Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, and I was curious to see what those terms, and related ones, might show up as on the graph. […]

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The Gothic Oddity

As part of a Digital History class here at the University of Idaho, the students are putting together a “Campus Obscura.” In other words, each student has to find a unique object on campus somewhere and give a history of it. I decided to do my research on the football gargoyles on the Memorial Gym. […]

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Gargoyles: Strange Attractions

When you walk up the long avenue through the University of Idaho campus you see grand building on either side, from the IRIC to the Ag building, each has its own unique flair and style (when its not under construction). At the end of the academic avenue, you come upon the Memorial Gym. It is […]

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